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On completion of the program, students will acquire the knowledge to apply sustainability policies, practices, procedures and tools in a business context.


This diploma program focuses on preparing you to work in the evolving field of green business management in a variety of positions requiring the application of current industry policies, practices, and procedures and tools. This program will give you theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills in green marketing, green business productivity, sustainability, corporate responsibility and sustainability change management. The program culminates with a hands on project that allows for the skills learned in the program to be applied to real-world situations.



The demand for sustainable business practices has led to a growth in opportunities for employees with established business skills to additionally integrate green and sustainable practices with business productivity. Successful completion of this program will allow graduates to be able to plan, schedule and implement sustainability strategies; manage and monitor financial and sustainable performance and champion green thinking in the workplace.

  • Plan, schedule and implement sustainability strategies
  • Manage and monitor financial & sustainable performance
  • Champion green thinking in the workplace


  • Grade 12 graduate or mature student status (British Columbia, 19 years or older)
  • Meet minimum English language proficiency requirements.
  • Completion of, at minimum, a 1-year diploma program in business

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Published Date: 2022/06/22

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