Personal Development


What Will I Learn?

This course will show you a framework for building a better life and increasing your fulfilment in life. There are proven strategies for fighting procrastination and building a roadmap for your future that you can follow, and you can find those strategies in this course. Additionally, you can also learn tricks to building better habits and growing in your own career. 


This course will include modules on: 

  1. Effective Pitching 
  2. From Procrastination Hero to Procrastination Zero 
  3. Small Habits Checklist 
  4. The Road to Better Habit 
  5. What it Takes to Be Free 

1. Chapter 1

# name
1 Effective Pitching Show

2. Chapter 2

# name
1 From Procrastinate Hero to Procrastinate Zero Buy Course

3. Chapter 3

# name
1 Small Habits Checklist Buy Course

4. Chapter 4

# name
1 The Road To Better Habits Buy Course

5. Chapter 5

# name
1 What It Takes To Be Free Buy Course
2 How to Be Productive During a Crisis Buy Course

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Published Date: 2022/03/13

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