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Matlab Programming is one of the most important technical programming languages and skills today. In this course, we will start learning Matlab from a beginner level and slowly ease our way into more advanced topics and programs. This course is a general Matlab Programming training, and it means that regardless of your major and field of study; you can benefit from this course, so much so that Google's former svp/product management Jonathan Rosenberg recognized it as the only skill you need on your resume to be able to work at Google.



Matlab Programming is an easy and understandable programming language and is an excellent choice for those who want to learn to program for the first time. Engineering companies often use Matlab to prototype and validate their ideas before committing to building it with other programs like Java, Python, C, and C++. Knowing Matlab will give you a competitive advantage in your career. This course is being updated continuously and new materials are added to the library every week. Below is a short summary of what the course contents are but there are many more examples and downloadable materials also provided in these lectures.


1. Chapter 1

# name
1 Introduction to MATLAB Programming Show
2 Introduction to MATLAB User Interface Show
3 Saving Workspace in Matlab Buy Course
4 CLC & Home Commands Show
5 CLC & Home Commands - part 2 Buy Course

2. Chapter 2

# name
1 Basic Arthimetic in MATLABA Show
2 More on Variables in MATLAB Buy Course
3 Order of Operations in MATLAB Buy Course
4 Exponent and Pi in MATLAB Buy Course
5 Symbolic Toolbox in MATLAB 1 Buy Course
6 Symbolic Toolbox in MATLAB - part 2 Buy Course
7 Symbolic Toolbox in MATLAB Buy Course
8 Two Sample Programs in MATLAB Buy Course

3. Chapter 3

# name
1 Variables in MATLAB Programming Buy Course
2 Manipulating Variables Buy Course
3 Formats in MATLAB Buy Course
4 Symbolic Variables - 1 Buy Course
5 Symbolic Calculation Buy Course
6 Variables in MATLAB Programming Buy Course

4. chapter 4

# name
1 Essential Functions 1 Buy Course
2 Trigonometric Buy Course
3 Hyperbolic Buy Course
4 Logarithm Buy Course

5. Chapter 5

# name
1 Complex Numbers Buy Course
2 Functions for Complex Numbers Buy Course
3 Symbolic Complex Buy Course
4 Symbolic Calculation Complex Buy Course

6. Chapter 6

# name
1 Vector Revising Buy Course
2 Vector Calculations Buy Course
3 Dots & Cross Products Buy Course
4 Vector Stats Buy Course
5 Vector Extraction Buy Course
6 Creating Vectors Buy Course
7 Element By Element Operation Buy Course
8 Introduction to Vectors Buy Course
9 Mathematical Calculations on Vectors Buy Course
10 Random Vectors Buy Course
11 Statistical Analysis Buy Course

7. Chapter 7

# name
1 Matrix Introduction Buy Course
2 Matrix Extraction Buy Course
3 Matrix Algebric Equations Buy Course
4 Matrix Multiplication Buy Course
5 Matrix Element by Element Multiplication Buy Course
6 Max Min Buy Course
7 Matrix Augmentation Buy Course
8 Matrix and Functions Buy Course
9 Especial Matrices Buy Course
10 Transpose and Diagnoal Buy Course
11 Solving Equations Buy Course
12 Trace Buy Course
13 Symbolic Calculations Buy Course

8. Chapter 8

# name
1 Defining Functions Buy Course
2 Diff 2 Buy Course
3 Symbolic Differentiation Buy Course
4 Integration Buy Course
5 Limit Buy Course
6 Partial Derivitive Buy Course

9. Chapter 9

# name
1 Plotting - Part 4 Buy Course
2 Plotting - Part 1 Buy Course
3 Plotting - Part 2 Buy Course
4 Plotting - Part 3 Buy Course
5 Easy Plotting Buy Course

10. Chapter 10

# name
1 Else-If Buy Course
2 Else Buy Course
3 An Example Buy Course
4 For Loops Buy Course
5 Relational Operations Buy Course
6 Relationship Buy Course
7 While-if Buy Course

11. Chapter 11

# name
1 Creating Functions Buy Course
2 Poly Buy Course
3 Triangle Area Buy Course

  • In this course we start from the very begining and no prior programming experience is required.
  • Matlab Software
  • Willing to Learn

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